Welcome to my website! I am an Associate Professor  (Reader) at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), in the Department of Health Policy where I teach health economics and the European Institute where I teach political economy. I am affiliated to  CESifo and IZA as a research fellow and have been Harkness Fellow at Harvard University and Marie Curie Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the LSE. I have been visiting fellow/professor at Oxford University, Boston College, UCL, Paris Dauphine University and Catholic University in Rome.

My research primarily contributes to the political economy of health and aging. The core of my work examines institutional and/or behavioral explanations underpinning the (i) the design of health and long-term care programs and, (ii) the origins and economic consequences of health disadvantage. It can be found mostly in the main journals in the field of health economics and health policy alongside major journals in economics and public policy. A policy version of some of my research papers is often available at the LSE blogs and Vox.eu.

I have served as a consultant for the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the World Health Organisation, Public Health England as well as NIHR committee panels and government advisory committees.

I publish some of my thoughts and announcements on Twitter, and can be followed at @JoanCostaiFont.

Find below some of my latest publications :

Does Long-Term Care Subsidisation Reduce Hospital Admissions and Utilisation?“(with Jimenez-Martin, S and Vilaplana, C ). Journal of Health Economics, 2018, 58(1), 43-66.

“Do you have to win it to fix it? A longitudinal study of lottery winners and their health care demand (with Terence Cheng and Nick Powdthavee). American Journal of Health Economics, 2018, 4(1): 26-50.

The ‘Healthy Worker Effect’: Do Healthy People Climb the Occupational Ladder?” (with Ljunge, M). Economics and Human Biology, 2018, 28 (1): 119-131. 

Institutionalisation Aversion” and the Willingness to Pay for Home Health Care“. Journal of Housing Economics, 2017, 38: 62-69.

and my most recent working papers:

“Does Insurance Expansion Alter Health Inequality and Mobility? Evidence from the Mexican Seguro Popular” (with Belen Saenz de Miera and Frank Cowell), CESifo Working Paper No. 6788, December 2017

Can Regional Decentralisation Shift Health Care Preferences?” (with  Ada Ferrer i Carbonell). IZA Discussion Paper No. 11180,  Bonn, Germany, November 2017. 

Access to Long-Term Care After a Wealth Shock: Evidence from the Housing Bubble and Burst” (With Richard Frank and Katherine Swartz). NBER Working Paper No. 23781, September, 2017.

Parental Sleep and Employment: Evidence from a British Cohort Study“(with Sarah Flèche) CEP Discussion Paper No 1467, 2017.


Dr Joan Costa i Font,
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