Welcome to my website! I am an Associate Professor  (Reader) at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), in the newly created Department of Health Policy and the European Institute, and an associate faculty of LSE Health and Social Care and the International Inequalities Institute.  In addition, I collaborate with CESifo as a network research fellow and occasionally with the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and the World Health Organisation alongside other organizations.

My central academic interests fall at the intersection of  ‘health economics’,  ‘political economy’, and  ‘behavioral economics’, and have a strong policy focus.

My research revolves around two main themes. The first one considers the financing of health and long-term care and, especially, the development of health inequality, the interaction of public and private sectors alongside the effect of aging, technology, and economic shocks. The second focuses on the effect of behavioral  (e.g., identity), institutional (e.g., political design) and financial incentives for health and social behavior, alongside its distributional and economic implications (e.g., effects on employment, productivity, savings etc).

My published work can be found in some leading journals in economics and economic policy (e.g., Journal of the European Economic Association, Economica, Economic Policy, Oxford Review of Economic Policy), in the main field journals in health economics (e.g., American Journal of Health Economics, Journal of Health Economics, Health Economics, Social Science and Medicine), alongside some of the reference journals in behavioural economics (e.g, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty), political economy (e.g., Public Choice), economic geography (e.g. Economic Geography, Regional Studies), social statistics (e.g., Journal of the Royal Statistical Society) as well as most of the main international policy journals publishing work on health and social protection.  

I have edited (and significantly contributed to writing) several books published by leading publishers on all the research programs above. The latest one is: ‘Social Economics: Current and Emerging Avenues‘ (MIT Press).

Find below some of my latest accepted papers:

Does the Expansion of Public Long-Term Care Funding Affect Savings Behaviour?” (with Cristina Vilaplana). Fiscal Studies, 2017, in press.

Do you have to win it to fix it? A longitudinal study of lottery winners and their health care demand (with Terence Cheng and Nick Powdthavee). American Journal of Health Economics, 2017, in press.

Regional health care descentralisation in unitary states: equal spending, equal satisfaction” (with Turati, G). Regional Studies, 2017, in press.

Careful in the Crisis? Determinants of Older People’s Informal Care Receipt in CrisisStruck European Countries” (with Martin Karlsson and Henning Øien). Health Economics, 2016,25, :25-42

my latest policy paper:

The National Health Service at a Critical Moment: when Brexit means HecticJournal of Social Policy, 2017, in press.

and my most recent working papers:

Parental Sleep and Employment: Evidence from a British Cohort Study“. CEP Discussion Paper No 1467, 2017 (with Sarah Flèche).

Does Long-Term Care Subsidisation Reduce Hospital Admissions?“. CESifo working papers, 6078. CESifo Group, Munich, Germany, 2016,  new version March 2017 (with Sergi Jimenez and Cristina Vilaplana).

The measurement of health inequalities: does status matter?“. III Working Papers, 6. International Inequalities Institute, The London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK, 2017 ( with Frank Cowell).


Dr Joan Costa i Font,
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