Welcome to my website! I am an Associate Professor  (Reader) in Health Economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), in the Department of Health Policy, and an associate of both LSE Health where I lead the Ageing and Health Incentives Lab (AHIL), and the International Inequalities Institute. I am a network research fellow at CESifo (since 2008) and IZA (since 2017), and have been Harkness Fellow at Harvard University. To date, I have taught at the University of Barcelona, Universita Cattolica, and Paris Dauphine, and have held visiting research positions at Oxford University (2009), Boston College (2013) and UCL (2016).

Given the pressing global challenges of population ageing, and rising health inequality, my current research contributes to two broad programs on (i) healthy ageing and caregiving, and (ii) health behaviour and inequality. My work has appeared so far in all the main field journals in health economics (e.g., Journal of Health Economics, Health Economics, American Journal of Health Economics), economic inequality (e.g., Journal of Economic Inequality) and behavioural economics (e.g., Journal of Economic Behaviour & Organisation, Journal of Risk & Uncertainty), as well as in general audience journals in economic & statistics (e.g., Journal of the European Economic Association, Economica, Economic Policy, Oxford Economic Papers, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society) and interdisciplinary social sciences (e.g., Social Science and Medicine, Governance) . A policy friendly version of some of my academic work can can be read at LSE business review , LSE policy blog and Vox.eu.

I co-direct the MSc International Health Policy, and the bulk of my teaching is on behavioural health economics (HP429, HP4D6E) . I am interested in supervising PhD projects that draw on either applied econometrics or related techniques (natural, quasi-natural, survey or field experiments), and address policy relevant questions at the intersection of health & behavioural economics and political economy. Find below some of my recently completed papers:

How does exposure to COVID-19 influence health and income inequality aversion?”. (with Miqdad Asaria and Frank Cowell) . 2021, CESifo Working Paper 9250.

Buying Control? ‘Locus of Control’ and the Uptake of Supplementary Health Insurance” (with Eric Bonsang and Sonja de New), 2021, IZA Working Paper 14633.

The Welfare Effects of Time Reallocation: Evidence from Daylight Saving Time” (with Sarah Fleche and Ricardo Pagan). 2021, IZA Working Paper 14570.

The Social Value of a SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine: Willingness to Pay Estimates from Four Western Countries” (with Sawyard Harrison, Caroline Rudusill and Luca Salmasi), 2021, IZA Working Paper 14475.

More Than a Ban on Smoking? Behavioural Spillovers of Smoking Bans in the Workplace” (with Luca Salmasi and Sarah Zaccagni). 2021, IZA Working Paper 14299.

Currently, I serve as health economics section editor of the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health and book review editor of Behavioural public policy, and I am former co-editor of Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy.

I am available to contribute to both policy (or public service) and consultancy in different capacities. Currently, I serve as an advisor to the Inter-American Development Bank, the World Health Organisation and the Malaysian National Institute of Health. I have been a consultant for the World Bank, Public Health England and the European Commission, and served on several research committees (NIHR and a number of national and international research committees).

Ocassionally, I give seminars and offer perspective talks to different audiences. My most recent publc appearance was at the European Forum Alpbach, on August 27 2021 4pm GMT:

Ready for the Next Crisis? From Global Health to European Healthcare

I share some of my random thoughts, impressions and announcements on Twitter, at @JoanCostaiFont.

Contact: Dr Joan Costa i Font,
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Tel: (+44) (0)2079556484.
E-mail: J.costa-Font@lse.ac.uk
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