Welcome to my website! I am an Associate Professor  (Reader) in Health Economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), in the Department of Health Policy, and an associate of both LSE Health where I lead the Ageing and Health Incentives Lab (AHIL), and the International Inequalities Intitute. In addition, I am a network research fellow at CESifo (since 2008) and IZA (since 2017), and have worked as Harkness Fellow at Harvard University. To date, I have taught at the University of Barcelona, Universita Cattolica, and Paris Dauphine, and have held visiting research positions at Oxford University (2009), Boston College (2013) and UCL (2016).

I am a policy-oriented academic economist, and my main research is organised around three broad programs on (i) ageing and caregiving, (ii) health behaviour and inequality (health incentives), and (iii) governance and health (health constraints). (Other research explores related questions on the theory and evidence of health economics, behavioural economics and/or political economy). 

Most of my work can be regularly found in all the main field journals in health economics (e.g., Journal of Health Economics, Health Economics, American Journal of Health Economics), behavioural economics (e.g., Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organisation, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty), as well as general audience journals in economics (e.g., Journal of the European Economic Association, Economica, Oxford Economic Papers, Economic Policy) and interdisciplinary social science (e.g., Governance, Social Science and Medicine, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society A, Public Choice). A policy friendly version of some of my academic papers can be found in the LSE business review , the LSE policy blog and Vox.eu.

The core of my teaching is on behavioural health economics (HP429, HP4D6E) and I am co-director of the MSc International Health Policy. I am interested in supervising PhD projects that draw on either applied econometric techniques, natural, survey or field experiments. I supervise doctoral studies interested in the following research programs (see questions and sample publications) :

(i) Ageing and Caregiving (AG): Ageing and health care utilisation. Behavioural ageing and caregiving. Social contact and supports at old age. Long term care financing. Healthy Ageing.

Uninsured by Choice? Evidence from a Choice Experiment on Long Term Care Insurance” (with Richard Frank and Faical Akaichi). Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organisation, 2020, 173 : 422-434.

More than One Red Herring’? Heterogeneous Ageing Effects on Healthcare Utilisation” (with Cristina Vilaplana). Health Economics, 2020, 29:8-29

(ii) Health Behaviour & Inequality (HB): Income shocks and health and social behaviours. Identity and health behaviour. Health inequality and behaviour. Incentives for preventative health behaviours (e.g., overweight, sleep, alcohol consumption). Family health behaviours. Pro-social health behaviours.

Measuring pure health inequality and mobility during a health insurance expansion: Evidence from Mexico” (with Cowell, F and Saenz de Miera, B). Health Economics, 2021, in press.

Child Sleep and Maternal Labour Market Outcomes” (with Sarah Fleche)  Journal of Health Economics, 2020, 69, 102258.

(iii) Governance & Health (GH): Non-market health decision making and health behaviours. Political regimes and health inequality. Ideology and health behaviours.

Does Local Democracy Improve Public Health Interventions? Evidence from India” (with Parmar, D). Governance, 2021, in press.

The Weight of Patriarchy? Gender Obesity Gaps in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)“(with Mario Gyori). Social Science & Medicine, 2020, 266, 113353

I have served as a consultant for a number of international organisations (the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the World Health Organisation, Public Health England and the European Commission), and when possible I serve on advisory positions and research committees (NIHR and a number of national and international research committees).

Some of my random thoughts, impressions and announcements can be found on Twitter, at @JoanCostaiFont.

Contact: Dr Joan Costa i Font,
Department of Health Policy,
(Room COW.1.06), Houghton Street,
WC2A 2AE, London, England, UK.
Tel: (+44) (0)2079556484.
E-mail: J.costa-Font@lse.ac.uk
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