Working papers

Divided We Survive? Multi-Level Governance and Policy Uncertainty during the First Wave of Covid-19” (with Agelici, M, Berta, P and Turati, G), 2021, CESIfo WP 8999.

How Does Exposure to COVID-19 Influence Health and Income Inequality Aversion?,” IZA Discussion Papers 14103, 2021, Institute of Labor Economics (IZA). (with Miqdad Asaria & Frank Cowell)

Comrades in the Family? Soviet Communism and Informal Family Insurance,” IZA Discussion Papers 13850, 2020, Institute of Labor Economics (IZA) (with Anna Nicinska)

 “Long-Lasting Effects of Communist Indoctrination in School: Evidence from Poland,” IZA Discussion Papers 13944, 2020, Institute of Labor Economics (IZA) (with Jorge Garcia Hombrados and Anna Nicinska)

 “Can Unearned Income Make Us Fitter? Evidence from Lottery Wins,” IZA Discussion Papers 13903, 2020, Institute of Labor Economics (IZA) (with Mario Gyori)

 “Voting Up? The Effects of Democracy and Franchise Extension on Human Stature,” CESifo Working Paper Series 7701, 2020 (with Alberto Batinti, A and Tim Hatton)

Preterm Births and Educational Disadvantage: Heterogeneous Effects Across Families and Schools,” CESifo Working Paper Series 7870, CESifo, 2019 (with A Baranowska-Rataj, K Barclay, M Myrskylä & B Özcan)

The Measurement of Health Inequalities: Does Status Matter?,” IZA Discussion Papers 12390, Institute of Labor Economics (IZA), 2019 (with Cowell, F)

Can Regional Decentralisation Shift Health Care Preferences?,” IZA Discussion Papers 11180, Institute of Labor Economics (IZA), 2018 (with A Ferrer-i-Carbonell)

Thinking of Incentivizing Care? The Effect of Demand Subsidies on Informal Caregiving and Intergenerational Transfers,” IZA Discussion Papers 11774, 2018 (with Vilaplana, C and Jimenez, S)

 “Working Times and Overweight: Tight Schedules, Weaker Fitness?,” IZA Discussion Papers 11702, 2018, Institute of Labor Economics (IZA), (with Saenz de Miera, B).

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