HP – Advanced Health Policy & Health Economics Policy (2018-)

This information is for the 2018/19 session.

Teacher responsible

Dr Joan Costa-Font OLD.1.16 and Professor Andrew Street


Doctoral program students in Health Economics and Health Policy

Course content

Advanced Health Policy & Health Economics Policy is an interdisciplinary course that provides training on research in health economics and health policy. It will draw on a mix of backgrounds including economics as well as public management and other social sciences such as politics, sociology among others. The course will involve all the main senior members of the Department of Health Policy to contribute seminars, thereby guaranteeing exposure to different materials, research areas and theoretical and analytical techniques. This allows students to identify their area of research in a much broader context and helps them to identify who in the department can provide them with additional support. In addition, the course will feature work-in-progress seminars in which Ph.D. series will present their work-in-progress in the second and each subsequent year.

Teaching on this module will combine a traditional lecture/seminar structure with an interactive format, based on student presentations and discussion. The lecture program will take place every two weeks and will involve members of staff of the entire department. There will be two introductory lectures on what does doing a Ph.D. involves and what it is to do research in health economics and health policy. Seminars will involve students prepare some presentations, two each seminar with a discussion on concepts and developments by the members of staff in the department.

Core Readings

Fuchs V. R. (1996), Economics, values, and health care reform, American Economic Review”, Nr 86.1, p. 1-24

Fuchs, Victor R., The Future of Health Economics (October 1999). NBER Working Paper No. w7379. Available at SSRN: https://ssrn.com/abstract=193796