Doctoral Supervision

I am happy to supervise students with research interests similar to mine. Below find a list of current and former students, their year (or expected year) of submission alongside their immediate placement (*lead supervisor):

Eduardo Rodriguez (2006, UB Economics)– Prof. Monterrey Tech *

Caroline Rudisill (2008, LSE Social Policy ) – Lecturer, LSE

Charitini Stavropoulou (2008, LSE Social Policy)- Lecturer,  Surrey

Nebibe Varol (2010, LSE Social Policy) – Research Scientist HTA, Ely Lilly

Azusa Sato (2012, LSE Social Policy ) – ODI Fellow, Addis Ababa*

Valentina Zigante (2013, LSE European Studies) – Research Officer, LSE*

Lucia Kossarova (2014, LSE Social Policy) – Nuffield Trust, Senior Analyst

Laurence Lannes, (2014, LSE Social Policy) –Economist, African Dev. Bank*

Mireia Borrell (2015, LSE European Studies) – Researcher, Oxford Uni*

Christina Novinskey (2015, LSE Social Policy ) – Consultant, World Bank*.

Sarah Watters (2016, LSE Social Policy) – Consultant, San Francisco Bay.

Belen Saenz-De-Miera (2017, LSE Social Policy) –  Assist Prof, UABCS*

Julia Philipp (Due 2020, LSE Social Policy)

Antonela Bancallari (Due 2020, LSE Social Policy, Job Market Candidate)

Mario Gyori (Due 2020, LSE Health Policy, Job Market candidate)*

Sangjune Kim (Due 2021, LSE Health Policy)

Mackenzie Mills (Due 2021, LSE Health Policy)

Nilesh Raut (Due 2022, LSE Health Policy)*