Policy Duties (External Service)


Swedish International Center for Local Democracy. Panel research member. Local Democracy Lab on Equitable Health – Indicator to measure equity in cancer healthcare, November 2021.

UK National Food Strategy. Evidence Brief to the Policy Lead of the National Food Strategy (part 2) about incentives for a healthy weight, May 2021.

EU/EuPrevent. Team member.  Project Pan-European Response to the Impacts of COVID-19 and Future Pandemics and Epidemics (PERISCOPE).WP 1,9, 2021-23.

US Federal goverment/ UCSF. Scientific Advisor. International Advisory Group member on the project The Living Alone with Cognitive Impairment (LACI)  (ucsf.edu), 2021-2025.

WHO and Malaysian National Institute of Health. Scientific Advisor on Behavioural Insights for Public health information regarding taking COVID-19 vaccine in Malasya, Singapore and Brunei. WHO and Malaysian National Institutes of Health, 2021.


World Bank. Expert Discussant “Concept Review meeting for ASA Turkey’s Pandemic Preparedness and Response: Investing in Equity“, Washington DC, 2020. 

Presidency of the Spanish Government Panel Expert on Ageing and Logevity in the Prospective Report – ‘Spain 2050’. National Office for Perspective  Analysis and National Long Term Strategy (Oficina Nacional de Prospectiva y Estrategia País a Largo Plazo, Presidencia del Gobierno), Madrid, 2020.

 FEDEA. Expert Contributor“Economic aspects of the Covid-19 crises (in Spanish).” Estudios sobre Economía Española no. 2020-14, Madrid, 2020.

Inter-American Development Bank. Expert contributor on the Policy report on the effects of long-term care services . Washington

European CommissionConsortium for the Study on Intergenerational Fairness in Europe – Health and Political Economy sections. Brussels. 

Consortium Basque Government- Provincial government of Gipuzkoa -Mayor of  Donostia (Basque Country), Scientific Advice to the project “Cost Benefit and Wellbeing Evaluation of a Program Supporting Older Age Caregivers – ‘OKencasa“. Gipuzkoa.

American Society of Ageing,The Rolling Out and Back of Universal Long-Term-Care Supports in Europe“. Generations, Journal of the American Society of Ageing, Spring 2019. 

IEB Healthcare Devolution in Two National Health Systems: Diversity, Innovation and Privatisation“. IEB Report 1/2019

European Commission, Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, Directorate C, Unit C.2,  “Financing long-term care workshop panel”, Brussels May 2019.

Ireland’s Department of Health (DOH) Health Research Board – An Bord Taighde Sláinte, review an evidence synthesis on regional health organisations, March.

Inter-American Development Bank,”Long-Term Care Reform in Uruguay” Advisor to the Health and Social Protection Section, Washington DC.


Public Health England. UK. “Monitoring Child Outcomes with the Millennium Cohort Study” [with Lucinda Platt, Chiara Orsini, Berkay Ozcan, Mireia Borrell-Porta] Public Health England.

Public Sector Focus.Brexit will cost the NHS” Public Sector Focus, October 2017, London.

La Caixa Foundation.Long-Term Care following the Great Recession in European countries” La Caixa Social Observatory, August 2017.

Inter-American Development Bank,”Long-Term Care Delivery and Arrangements” Advisor to the Health and Social Protection Section, Washington DC.

World Health Organisation – European Observatory of Health Systems and PoliciesVoluntary Health Insurance in Europe” [ed Sagan, A and Thomson], S, 2016.


Social Inclusion Monitor Europe (SIM) – Reform Barometer Chapter on ‘Health’  “Social Policy Reforms in the EU: A Cross-national Comparison, 2015.

National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) – Member of the Research Funding Committee 2013-5 London, UK.

American Association for Retired Persons (AARP),Sharing Lessons from Europe in Financing and Delivery of Long Term Support Services‘National Policy Council, Las Vegas, 2013.

OECD, ‘Waiting Time Policies in the Health Sector – Spain‘, OECD Paris, 2013.


Merck Sharp & Dohme Ltd – ‘European Guideline Variations and access to innovative therapies for Rheumatoid Arthritis’, London, 2012.

Welsh GovernmentCommission on Devolution in Wales – Cafodd y Comisiwn ar Ddatganoli yng Nghymru, ‘Health Care Devolution in Europe’ Cardiff UK, 2012.

House of Lords, Written evidence to the ‘Public service and demographic change Committee, 2012.

European Commission –Report  on social services of general interest. Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs, 2012.

European Parliment. Measures to Promote the Situation of Roma EU Citizens in the European Union [with Bartlett, W, R. Benini & others], 2011

National Audit Office – Health Inequalities in England, 2011 [with McGuire, A and Hernandez, C] See paper version 

House of Lords, Written evidence to  ‘Science and Technology Committee-Behaviour Change‘ , 2010.

World Bank – Report on “Interaction of Tax and Social Health Insurance in Middle-Income Countries”.  Health, Nutrition & Population Section, 2010.

European Observatory of Health Systems – New and old challenges in the reform of mental health systems in Spain [ with McDaid, D: Alonso, J; Cabases, J and Salvador-Carulla, L], 2010.


Catalan Government– Member of the ‘Committee of Experts on Health Financing’, Catalan Department of Health, Catalan Government, 2008 ( see later conference).

Spanish Government – Report An ‘Evaluation of the Pharmaceutical Policy in Spain 2004-2007‘, Ministry of Health & Social Policy, Spanish Government 2007 (See published paper version).

European Observatory of Health SystemsLong-term care reform in Spain [with Gonzalez, A].


World Bank– Report on “The State of Pharmaceutical Sector and Drug Prices in Peru“, World Bank Health, Nutrition & Population Section, 2006 (See published paper version)

Government of Turkey – Report on “The Financing and Reimbursement of Pharmaceuticals in Turkey”, LSE and Government of Turkey”[with Kanavos, P, Iustel, I], 2005.

Spanish Government– Report to the Spanish Ministry of Health “Interregional Inequalities in Health in Spain” [with Joan Gil]. Ministry of Health & Social Policy,  2005 ( see improved paper version).

Johnson&Johnson– Report on “The Economic Impact of Pharmaceutical Parallel Trade in European Union Member States: A Stakeholder Analysis” [with Kanavos, P, Gemill, M and Mercur, S] . LSE Health and Social Care, London School of Economics and Political Science, January 2004.

European Commission –Report on the “European Study of Long-Term Care Expenditure”.  [with L Pickard , A Comas-Herrera, Gori, A Di Maio, C Patxot, A Pozzi, H Rothgang and R Wittenberg]. European Commission of Employment and Social Affairs, 2003.