Social Cognition and Health

Keywords: procedural utility and health care use, optimism and health behavior, social proximity, political anchoring and social ambivalence, attitudes to new health and food technology

Selected Recent Articles

Behavioural adjustment to avian flu in Europe during spring 2006: the roles of knowledge and proximity” (with Rudisill, C and Mossialos, E). Social Science and Medicine, 2012, 75(8): 1362-1371.

Attitudes as an expression of knowledge and ‘political anchoring’: the case of nuclear power in the United Kingdom” (with C Rudisill and E Mossialos). Risk Analysis, 2008, 28(5): 1273-1283. [+ 50 citations]

Main Articles

The hedonic procedural effect of traditional medicines” (with Sato, A). Journal of Happiness Studies, 2014, 15(5):1061–1084.

Optimistic Old Age Disability and Longevity Expectations? ”(with Costa-Font, M). Social Indicators Research, 2011, 104(3): 533–544.

Optimism and the perceptions of new risks”, (with C Rudisill and E Mossialos).Journal of Risk Research, 2009, 12 (1): 27-41. [+ 25 citations]

Are Perceptions of Risk and Benefits of Genetically Modified Food Independent?” (with E Mossialos). Food Quality and Preference, 2007, 18(2): 173-182. [+ 50 citations]

Ambivalent’ individual preferences towards biotechnology in the European Union: products or processes?” (with E Mossialos). Journal of Risk Research, 2005, 8(4):341-354. [+25 citations]

Book chapters

Knowledge, technology and demand for online health information” (with Caroline Rudisill and Elias Mossialos). In Costa-Font, J, Courbage, C and McGuire, A (eds). pp 109-124.The Economics of New Health Technologies. Oxford University Press, 2009.

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