Recent Talks

I am happy to give talks on the following topics (main keywords below) which refer to projects I have just completed by research area:

A. Political Economy of Health Care

(i) Democracy, Health and Health Care

(Keywords: heights and democracy, participatory health care decision making, health decentralization, provider choice, middle-class capture, health inequality) Link to a recent presentation

(ii) Communism Exposure and Preferences for Social Insurance

(Keywords: Communism exposure, familiarism, social  behaviour, Eastern Europe) Link to NBER presentation

(iii) Identity and the Social Formation of Health Behaviours

(Keywords: Self-image, culture, intergenerational transmission, anorexia, blood donation) Link to CEP wellbeing presentation

(iv) The Social Formation of Social Insurance Preferences

(Keywords: Culture, Spatial Identity, preferences for redistribution, insurance, savings) Link to CESifo Area Conference presentation

B. Health Behaviour and Inequality

(v) Sleep and Economic Behavior

(Keywords: sleep, fertility, sleep deprivation, productivity, savings, employment) Link to a recent presentation

(vi) Health Inequality Aversion

(Keywords: attitudes to health inequality, sensitivity to inequality, veil of ignorance, locus of control) Link to recent presentation

(vii) Behavioral Incentives and Health Insurance

(Keywords: risk preferences, locus of control, health insurance selection, health insurance and quality of care) Link to a recent presentation

(viii) Working Times and Health Behaviours

(Keywords: working time and obesity) Link to a recent presentation

(ix) Institutions and Health Inequality

(Keywords: pure and socioeconomic inequalities, health Kuznets curves,  insurance, and health inequality, institutional determinants of health inequality, health inequality traps) Link to APPAM presentation

C. Aging and Long Term Care

(x) Biased Survival, Health and Financial Decisions

(Keywords: biased survival expectations, mortality, survival models, end of life data) Link to 2018 ESPE Presentation

(xi) Self-Insurance and Long-Term Care Behaviour

(Keywords: Housing, long-term care insurance, aging in place) Link to NBER Summer Institute presentation

(x) Long Term Care in Europe

(Keywords: financing long term care, social care in Europe, evidence from reforms)
Bristol Festival of Ideas – Economics of Social Care