Recent Talks

I am happy to give talks on the following topics (main keywords below) which refer to projects I have just completed by research area:

A. Aging and Long Term Care

(a) Biased Survival, Health and Financial Decisions

(Keywords: biased survival expectations, mortality, survival models, end of life data) Link to 2018 ESPE Presentation

(b) Self-Insurance and Long-Term Care Behaviour

(Keywords: Housing, long-term care insurance, aging in place) Link to NBER Summer Institute presentation

(c) Long Term Care in Europe

(Keywords: financing long term care, social care in Europe, evidence from reforms) Bristol Festival of Ideas – Economics of Social Care

B. Health incentives and Disadvantage

(i) Sleep and Economic Behavior

(Keywords: sleep, fertility, sleep deprivation, productivity, savings, employment) Link to a recent presentation

(ii) Health Inequality Aversion

(Keywords: attitudes to health inequality, sensitivity to inequality, veil of ignorance, locus of control) Link to recent presentation

(iii) Behavioral Incentives and Health Insurance

(Keywords: risk preferences, locus of control, health insurance selection, health insurance and quality of care) Link to a recent presentation

(iv) Working Times and Health Behaviours

(Keywords: working time and obesity) Link to a recent presentation

(v) Institutions and Health Inequality

(Keywords: pure and socioeconomic inequalities, health Kuznets curves,  insurance, and health inequality, institutional determinants of health inequality, health inequality traps) Link to APPAM presentation

(vi) Family Spillovers of Health Shocks

(Keywords: Health and Behavioural Change,  Partner’s Cancer Diagnosis)
LSE Health Policy presentation