Videos and Podcasts


Should we be optimistic? LSEIQ, 2021

The value of an elderly person’s life, Sverige Radio, 30 May 2020 (min 29)

Fathers and DaughtersBBC World Service, 2019

Thinking like a Social Scientist, London School of Economics, 2015

The Morality of Self-Determination, BBC Radio 4 Moral Maze, 2017

Special British ElectionCatalunya Radio – (in Catalan), 2016

Brexit NegotiationsRadio France International (in Spanish), 2018


@Alpbach Forum –Ready for the Next Crisis? From Global Health to European Healthcare

@ LSE School of Public Policy – Doing good and doing well

@LSE Maryam ForumLessons and Implications of COVID-19 for Europe

@LSE Health Policy – Will ageing bankrupt the health system?